Sunday, August 29, 2010



Well people it seems that I let this idea kinda die off.. well, lets try to revive it..

Some updates. My daughter just turned 2. I am employeed again, I have 4 Armies again.

Firstly, I decided to give up on doing the RH list for Chaos Dwarfs.. Pretty much everyone has come to accept the Indy GT list here except a few who won't accept anything they dont feel they should have to. (Power Gamers with no understanding of the concept of Games.) I havent really finalized a list as its hard to pin it down. But im thinking of running something pretty similar to what I had but with a few of the cool things in the Indy list.

The other three armies.. Well lets see. Beastmen, Orcs and Goblins, and Lizardmen.. I know i finally gave up on not getting that army. The Lizardmen will be a small showcase army As im running Lord Mazdamundi and Tetto'eko in the same list.. Tetto'eko is easily one of the most BS characters I have come across as far as his abilities. Mazdamunda is really awful expensive for what he does but its a Slann on an Ancient Stegadon! how can you go wrong.

Anyway, the list as it stands is as follows:

Lord Mazdamundi - 620pts
-Heavens Lore
Tetto'eko - 255pts
Skink Chief - 117pts
-Sword of Swift Slaying
-Obsidian Trinket
-Light Armour, Shield, Javelin
Skink Priest - 110pts
-Level 1 Caster
-Dispel Scroll
-Curse Charm of Tepok
Saurus Scar-Veteran - 143
-Sword of the Hornet
-Light Armour, Shield

Skinks -142pts
-24 models, Javelin, Shield, Full Command
Saurus Warriors - 283pts
-23 models, Hand Weapon, Shield, Full Command
Saurus Warriors - 294pts
-24 models, Hand Weapon, Shield, Full Command
Temple Guard - 368pts
-18 models, Light Armour, Halberd, Shield, Full Command
-Razor Standard
Salamander Hunting Pack - 80pts
-1 Salamander & 4 Skinks
Salamander Hunting Pack - 80pts
-1 Salamander & 4 Skinks

Total: 2492pts - 3 Channels

Currently Im working on my Mighty Empires Map for our upcoming Campaign. Ill Get som pictures up later on.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Almost May!?!?

Sweet Jesus!

So its nearly May, Its Snowing, and I haven't been here in over a month. Sorry for the late update.

To begin this entry, I just say April sucked.. My Father in law has Surgery and needed assistance around the house. and my Mother in law went to the ER for Congestive Heart Failure/Complicated with Cellulitus of the legs. I have basically started doing my old job as a Caregiver/PCA again in my In-law's home. Definitely, a morale crusher.

I haven't gotten as much as I would have liked done. The Chaos Dwarfs changed in list slightly, removed the Bull Centaurs, Hobgoblin Hero and the Leadbelchers. Picked up Maneaters, A CD Hero, and a Death Rocket. That's Right 4 Rockets! I also figured out my Great Taurus.. I used a Great Stag from the Wood Elf Line and added cut down Balrog wings to the model and added bull horns from an old pewter Doombull. It looks pretty ace. It just needs to be finished and I need to get some magnets for the rider. I played a pretty Tough list of Dark Elves and managed to hold a Tie. We did end a turn early though.. but I don't see in hindsight the conditions changing much to give either play a victory. We played the QCR Heat Wave Scenario... It didnt really effect either army.

My Orcs and Goblins and on hold waiting for the new River Trolls. I also need to get/convert some fanatics. Otherwise its complete.

The Beastmen at this point after a few games are pretty much set in stone. I just have to build the last 6 Harpies in the list and do some green stuff filling and it will be ready for the brush.

I did a kind of Spur of the moment purchase in April.. I started a new Space Marine Army.. Blood Angels of course.. But I wanted something I would have fun playing and painting. But that would also look outstanding as a Shelf army..
I decided on doing a Sanguinary Guard Based Army. I'm writing fluff for the forgotten chapter "Exsanguinators" The only fluff I have yet found on them is that they were a 4th Founding Chapter made up from both the Blood Angels and the Blood Drinkers Chapter, and that they are a dead chapter that finally fell to the curse of Sanguinius.

As far as the Fluff I am doing, basically the chapter was formed from the a group from the Priesthood of the Blood Angels and inducted 2 Reserve Companies of the Blood Drinkers. The hope was that the Priests could harvest next to EVERY geneseed and discover the defect and drive the geneseed evolution to weed the defect. Obviously this failed. non the less.. The idea is that the Chapter's highest position is that of the Grand Priest of Sanguinius who not only leads the chapter but is the Head of the Chapter's Priesthood as well. The Chapter also began training elite members of the chapter to strengthen the Priesthoods initial numbers. Soon the decision was made that in order to fully see the fruits of their labors they need to have Sanguinary Novitates in not only the Command Squads of the chapter but in the Squads themselves. It was decided that each squad sergeant would recommend one of his Squad to be trained as a Novitate. within 3 Centuries this practice would be giving much information into the evolution of geneseed.

As the the 40th Millenium of Man came to a close it was decided by the newly ascended Grand Priest Ditalei, that enough information was gleened in their centuries long experiment, and that more direct measure be taken to remove the defect. it was decided that geneseed would be altered to remove what they thought was the defect. Within a generation experiment seems a success. Those who succumbed to the Red Thirst were less than 1% and even so the effect were much milder than those of other chapters. The accomplishment was noticed by Commander Dante, Dante was so joyed to discover that a cure to the Thirst had been found he sent Astorath to witness and Brother Corbollo to collect geneseed samples so that all the Children of Sanguinius could prosper from this.

Over the near 40 years in route to Pavari IX, the true face of the"Cure" shown through. as in record numbers Exsanguinators fell to the Thirst and nearly immediately the rage. It began with the youngest Neonates and worked its way back through the generations at this time only the Highest of the Priesthood and majority of the Sanguinary Guard and 1st company remained with unaltered geneseed. by the time Astorath had arrived there was nearly 1400 Exsanguinators in the grips of the Black Rage. So many that the Chapter Reclusium had become unable to handle the situation. many were being sedated by whatever means and placed into stasis to await the Redeemer's arrival. Such a disaster had not been seen by a chapter in the history of the Imperium of Man. within the lifespan of a mear mortal the entire Exsanguinators chapter had been laid to waste. It was found that the alterations instead of removing the curse simply made it lay dormant until a time in which it would return 3 fold. Attempts by the remaining priesthood were made to rebuild the chapter but all failed leaving the chapter to dwindle into extinction.

This entire list has Feel No Pain and Furious Charge and has a good redundancy in the latter. It does have two Special Characters... But in 0k thats less of a deal.. Dante for the Tactical Strike and Sanguinary Guard as Troops, and Astorath mostly just to give the Honor Guard some more hitting power. but his Shadow of the Primarch rule is worth having him. I would love to run the Sanguinor, but Being as I am a chapter that at some point fell to the curse, and i field basically the entire Sanguinary Guard of the chapter it could be said that these are the last remains of the chapter to survive and Astorath is there to ease the remaining Chapter's Suffering. I may at some point remove the Honor Guard in lieu of a small unit of Death Company. But having the Death Company AND the Sanguinary Guard just seemed a bit much seeing that the only difference in my color scheme for the Sang Guard is the wings being black instead of white.

Otherwise thats about all that is going on with me currently..

Friday, March 5, 2010


Well its Friday, My refund is finally on its way to my bank.. Im just waiting for it to clear at the moment, THANK THE GODS! I have been doing some tweeking around with my Chaos Dwarf list for Quake City.

I'm still not too sure on using Bull Centaurs but im going to try a unit of 5 with a champion.

Currently in the list is:

Chaos Dwarf Lord: Black Hammer of Hashut, Armour of the Furnace, Shield, and Great Taurus.
2 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers: both Level 2 with Dispel Scroll and Power Stone (usually Shadow Lore)
Hobgoblin Hero: Great Weapon and Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel

21 Chaos Dwarfs w/ Blunderbuss & Full Command, War Banner
2x 21 Chaos Dwarfs with Great Weapons, Shields & Full Command

3x Death Rockets

5 Bull Centaurs w/ Heavy Armour, Great Weapons & Shields, Champion
4 Ogre Kingdom Leadbelchers w/ Champion

I really like the Leadbelchers in the list they compliment the shooting in a characterful way and giving me some needed speed and combat support. I had placed Hobgoblins in the list but found that they don't do enough to be considered an asset on the board.

The Hobgoblin Hero is a great answer to machines in this list, especially when complimented with the Steed of Shadows spell. He is often called a one hit wonder but really with 3 attacks he has a great chance even against High Elf Crews that Strike first. He is also a chariot buster which will help me vs chaos and other potentially chariot heavy armies... though High Elves will cause me great pains as lion chariots will still probably kill him before he gets a strike.

The only armies that im really worried about are Cavalry heavy lists... The speed coupled with the hitting power can be devistating to this small army. The New Beastmen as well have be a bit worried on the Minotaur front. The Minotaurs expecially when supported by a gorebull or doombull can roll up my army like a carpet especially if they take harpies to get behind me for crossfire.

Thats about it for now.. Talk to you all later.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In the Beginning.....

Some of you may know me either from online persona or inperson.. Let me be the first to welcome you to my online rant page. Here is where, I shall post up my inner thoughts about the day to day as well as Warhammer goings.

Ill start with RoW, I think she is dead.. The database is crashed, the host completely useless as far as support or getting it back up. Even the new site I can't seem to get running right. I think the host is just a useless bag of wind. Commissars, HB, Swiss, and other supporters will be reimbursed for the trouble when I get my delayed refund check from the IRS. I may endeavour to get her back up and running sometime later in the year. but as current I simply don't believe she is going to make it much further either way. Viewership was dead, as was postership, and it was riddled with spammers that Swiss and I would spend hours detecting and deleting.

Im currently working on getting my Chaos Dwarfs ready for Quake City Rumble in June. I have to finish building some 14 Great Weapon Dwarfs and figure out what Im doing as far as my Great Taurus. But otherwise most of it is primed and ready for painting.
On the side im slowing collecting an Orc & Goblin Army which I think may be viable. It relies heavily on a special character but, I believe considering the army it won't be much of an issue.
I also came into a Beastmen army and after some revising I have an idea of what I would like to run.. After a few games with what I have available. I find it a very forgiving army in combat but, you have to be very careful during magic and shooting to stay alive.. being and staying in combat is a big point in the army.

I was down at the shop today and had an interesting conversation with some folks about hobbies... As to be expected the price discussion started and the common gripe aboup GW trying to strangle the Online small business with their contract stipulations. I made the whole spiel about how GW didnt want to be supporting online sales anymore as they wanted to be the online retailer for their product leaving you 2 choices in buying... Either though their doors or that of a Brick and Mortar Retail. The true point of the opposing view came in the statement "It had nothing to do with GW wanting to drive sales into stores, It was all about putting out the online discounters who were cutting their profits!" And in that line I saw the real point of the conversation... They were gripeing about the fact that it was hard for them to get their precious online discounts for their products as they were left to ebay or calling in an order to Warstore.

Many of you know my view on this hobby as far as costs. If you can't purchase something with a Food Stamp, You have no stinking right to complain about the MSRP. Its not something you are required to have in order to continue living. So your say in the pricing is about as valid as a frogs opinion of whether his swamp gets filled in for house development. The conversation was driven to a less prevocative subject and different industry so we didnt get yelled at by the owner (I don't blame him, he hears the crap on a daily basis and gets sick of it.) Personally, I think that the prices for alot of GW products are high. Empire Goldswords and Silvergor come to mind immediately but, that said I don't buy like I used to.

In the old days, I would buy an Army in one shot, build it, play it a few games and edit it, Buy more stuff, lather, rinse & repeat. In the end I would end up with an army I liked and 2 more armies that would sit in bitz boxes until trading or selling came to the option board. Now I make a list, I proxy it, play it, edit, make more proxies. and once im finished and have an army im happy with i beginning building it with the unit I know I like. All the while continuing to test and set minor tweaks to the army, by the time im done building. 1: I have a List I love playing; 2: I have the army built; 3: I have an extreme minimum of unused models to account for later and; 4:I spent far less than I used to to develop an army.

My Empire army Cost me in whole to get to a point where I liked it cost me over $1500. I had nearly 2 full armys of models and still have an unbuilt crap in boxes in my bitz.

My Chaos Dwarfs only $380 and Im about 1 Warrior box short as it stands.

Well thats a Long enough rant for now... Im off to Install Windows 7 Ultimate on my notebook to get rid of the evaluation version's nags.